1. You need to know what kind of Baldwin handle you have: Estate, Images, Prestige, or Reserve. If you have ESTATE or IMAGES, leave a comment at the bottom of the order page when you check out. If you have PRESTIGE, order from the Kwikset section. If you have RESERVE, e-mail me. Reserve handles require a special modification fee of $25. Dealers still receive a discount on the extension but not the fee.

2. If you are ordering a Baldwin handle set (i.e., with a thumb latch on the outside handle and a passage lever on the inside handle), leave a comment when you check out.

3. If you have a door with a three-point locking system, leave a comment when you check out.

4. If you have an Images keyed entry handle set, order from the Kwikset section and write "Baldwin Images" as a comment when you check out.

5. If your door handle was manufactured in 1998 or earlier, order from the Hoppe section.

Schlage Dexter and Schlage Entry handles require different extensions. To avoid ordering the wrong extension, here are some things to look for:

Schlage Dexter

Schlage Dexter striker plate
Schlage Dexter handle
"Schlage Dexter" is stamped on the bolt plate. The release hole for removing the handle is located on the escutcheon plate.

Schlage Entry

Schlage Entry handle
On a Schlage Entry handle, the release hole is located at the base of the door handle, not the escutcheon plate.

A 2" extension for the keyed Baldwin Images entry lever set. Priced the same as 2" Kwikset entry extension kits. Will be on product page soon, but for now you can order on Kwikset selecting the 2" Kwikset entry in the correct finish and say Baldwin Images in comments.

Before ordering for Kwikset and Schlage hardware, please read the installation guides or check out the Selection Guide to make sure your handle can be extended.

When you order, please provide an address that the USPS will ship to. If your place of business or residence does not receive mail, be sure to give us your PO Box.

Please review your installation guide to make sure that you are ordering for the correct door handle.

If you are ordering extensions for a handle set (with and outside handle and an inside lever), please let me know in the "Comments" section at the bottom of the order page when you check out. I also need to know if the handle set's inside lever is a locking lever. A locking lever is a lever with a thumb-turn lock on the lever itself.

If your Andersen door handle was manufactured in 1998 or earlier, you must order an extension for Hoppe hardware. Our extensions for Hoppe will work for older Andersen hardware.

If your Baldwin entry handle (i.e., a handle with a key lock on the handle itself) is NOT from the Images collection, then please order a 2-inch extension for Kwikset hardware. Extensions for Kwikset will work for Baldwin entry levers as long as they are not from the Images collection. In addition, if your Baldwin door handle is on a multi-point locking door, then please let me know in the "Comments" section at the bottom of the order page when you check out. I will send you a special spindle required to install your extension.

Extensions for entry handles come in 2 inches only. Extensions for passage handles come in 2 or 1½ inches.